Established in 1971

Mareli was established in 1971 by current principle Judy Cresswell, and remains a family run dancing school. Mareli continues to evolve to reflect current trends within the dance and musical theatre industry. Our staff include fully qualified I.D.T.A dance teachers and ex-professional dancers and a PhD Dance Student. The diversity amongst our staff mirrors the diversity amongst our pupils and we are proud to teach students of all ages and abilities into our school.

 We provide a platform for aspiring professionals and those simply wanting to make new friends and improve their confidence. We have excellent success rates with our examinations and full stage productions and we are proud to support our pupils in fulfilling their aspirations of pursuing a career in the industry. However, what makes us most proud is hearing about the friendships that are still thriving from years gone by.

 Over the years, Mareli has welcomed back countless ‘grown up’ pupils, who have returned to bring their own children to dance classes. Many also return to join in our thriving adult dance classes. We’re also starting to see the grandchildren of our former pupils join our school!. The sense of family, friendship and kindness is what sets us apart from the rest. Dance friends can truly be friends for life.