Our Values

“Fun. Friendship… Phenomenal results!” or The 5 Pillars of Mareli

1 – To provide a fun, friendly, relaxed, yet respectful environment to pupils of all ages and abilities, in order to help them develop confidence and friendships. We have many adult classes on offer and we love to teach our adult community! – Everyone is welcome!

2 – To encourage pupils to embrace their ‘mistakes,’ step out of their comfort zone and not being scared to try!

3 – To help our pupils reach a level of ‘unconscious competence’ in dance. The ‘four levels of competence’ describes the process of  reaching ‘greatness’, to the point that you no longer have to think about how to do something well, as you can naturally do it without any ‘conscious’ thought. In order to develop ‘greatness’ in dancing, repetition is key. So is focused, accurate and precise practice, The ability to dance centres on the ability of our motor neurons to communicate with our muscles to cause movement. The more we perform a certain movement, the more these motor neurons ‘fire,’ causing the correct muscles to move. Over time, and through continued repetition of accurate and precise practice, a particular component of these motor neurons (called the myelin sheath) further develops, creating more accuracy in the movement being performed, which ultimately results in the ability to execute the movements with excellence. In relation to dance, when a pupil repetitively practices dance moves with good technique, they ultimately become naturally great at them, without having to think too much about how they doing it. This is really important, as a huge part of dance involves remembering complex choreography, which is so much easier to do when you’re not having to think about how to dance. For further information we recommend a book called ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle (http://thetalentcode.com)

4 –.To provide a high level of tuition that challenges our pupils to ultimately reach the desired standard for successful entry into professional dance and musical theatre colleges, regardless of whether they are pursuing a dance related career.

5 – To embrace kindness and inclusivity and to value the development of the ‘whole child.’ In our opinion, it is just as important for aspiring dancers to learn the value of being kind, humble, social and grounded as it is to learn how to dance. Many life lessons can be learnt in the dance studio.

“I joined The Mareli School of Dance in 1991 aged 4. I still remember my first ballet lesson with a pianist playing as we danced in our tiny outfits. I continued my weekly dance lessons, exams and dance shows with Mareli into my adulthood. It was home from home as we were like one big family. I still remember some of the routines when I hear certain show tunes ! I gained so much from my 14 years of dance lessons, it was character building in confidence and self discipline. I have made special friends who are still a huge part of my life today. I now have a daughter of my own and if I was living in the area I’d enrol her in the Mareli family in a heart beat”

Michelle Anderson- Legere