positive review  I started Mareli School of Dance when I was 5 years old right up until I was 19. I absolutely loved my time there! The teachers brought out my confidence so much. I always hated singing in front of people but everyone at Mareli made me feel so comfortable that I was able to sing in a show with 100’s of people watching. The pupils and staff at Mareli are so friendly and are more like a family and always work with everyone to achieve their full potential! It is amazing for children who have an interest in dance/musical theatre no matter how old they are. If it hadn’t of been for university commitments then I would still be there now. Thank you Mareli for helping me to believe in myself. I miss you!❤️

    Siân Bowen Avatar Siân Bowen
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  I was a student at Mareli School Of Dance for 13 years I attended Ballet,Tap, Modern and street classes. All members of staff offered a professional working environment leading myself to take many IDTA Exams in all areas. Which provided me with a strong technical background in dance performance. As well as taking exams I also had the opportunity to part take in many showcases over the years, held at Stourbridge Town Hall which will always hold special memories for myself as I believe these shows gave me the confidence to continue and develop my dance training at Kidderminster college. I’m currently in my 3rd year at Edge Hill University studying Dance Performance. My love for dance began when I started Mareli all those years ago!

    Holly Ann Gough Avatar Holly Ann Gough
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  I couldn’t recommend the Mareli School of Dance enough! I started at the age of 5 and learnt to grow into a confident dancer in a family feeling atmosphere. The variety of lessons available allow you to expand on dance styles and enjoy them at all times.❤️xxx

    Alice Westwood Avatar Alice Westwood
    January 22, 2019

    positive review  I spent over 20 years with Mareli, being taught by amazing teachers and making priceless memories and life-long friends! Couldn't recommend this dance school enough! The care, patience and effort put into each dancer is incredible and the opportunity of being part of such a talented, close-knit dancing family is something I'll always be grateful for!

    Dani Louise Avatar Dani Louise
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Fantastic dance school for children of all abilities and ages. We joined last year and I have loved watching my daughter improve week by week. Such a family feeling too. ❤️

    Julie Young Avatar Julie Young
    November 2, 2018

    positive review  I have been familiar with Mareli since I moved to England in 2008! My sister in law, Keziah Joy Lehmann, was a student with the lovely Mareli School of Dance. Now 10 years on I have a daughter of my own and she has started her dance life with Mareli. I can't say enough good about the teachers/instructors, they are so lovely with the children. I look forward to many many years supporting my daughter and her fellow dancers, along with the families and teachers of this school of dance.

    Allenia Marie Diamond Allen Avatar Allenia Marie Diamond Allen
    November 23, 2018

    positive review  I cannot praise this dance school enough! I was a pupil there for roughly 15 years, attending classes since the age of 3 until I had to move away for university. The teachers are so talented and so dedicated to their pupils, inspiring them to achieve their full potential and beyond in every class. The school prides itself on teaching excellent technique as well as encouraging performance skills and I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today if it were not for Mareli!

    Jodie Poole Avatar Jodie Poole
    January 29, 2019

    positive review  I started taking my children along to Mareli (diddy dancers) and the staff are so friendly and really encouraging to each child. They know how to get them involved and they understand that sometimes they want to just run around 😂 I then found out they also do adult classes so I have been dancing too and absolutely love it. You couldn’t ask for a more friendly environment and it has such a family feel. On top of this the classes are very well priced compared to other schools ,however that doesn’t lower the standard of teaching. Come and give it a go and you will love it too!

    Megan Rosie Avatar Megan Rosie
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Can't praise Mareli School of Dance enough for their hard work and dedication to their pupils. I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 years dancing there, as a late starter to dance, the pupils and staff at Mareli made me feel so welcome when I joined and that only continued as the years went by. Always putting each individual dancer as a priority to ensure they reach their maximum potential in both dancing ability and confidence. Perfect for any age boys and girls who have an interest in dancing. Thank you for building up my confidence at a time where I didn't have much xxx

    Lauren Oakley Avatar Lauren Oakley
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  I have been with Mareli since I was 3 years old! Thanks to their amazing teaching I have been able to work professionally in the performing world! I have my whole career to thank them for! An incredible dance school with a fun, friendly atmosphere! So much so my mother has taken tap dancing back up with them! Can’t recommend enough!

    Kitty Roberts Avatar Kitty Roberts
    November 22, 2018

    positive review  I started dancing here from the age of 5, right up until I was 18 and moved away for university. I really believe that my days with Mareli gave me the confidence I have today. I have so many fond memories and loved performing along side an amazing group of people x

    Faye Postin Avatar Faye Postin
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  From the time my daughter started dancing at Mareli at the age of 6 a friendship with Mareli started. Judy Cresswell the founder of this dance school welcomes each and every pupil with her warmth and caring personality. I saw my daughter grow in confidence over the years, receive excellent exam results and take part in many Mareli shows and performances. This dance school is a real family where pupils make friends which they carry through to adulthood. I can’t recommend Mareli highly enough. I have also had the privilege to be asked to make many of their dance costumes.

    Carol Gregory Avatar Carol Gregory
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  fab dance teachers highly recommend my daughter my self and family members have been going to this dance school for years fab dance teachers and everyone is lovely like a family atmosphere

    Natalie Wakefield Avatar Natalie Wakefield
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  My 9 and 6 Yr old daughters have both been dancing with Mareli for about a year now. They both enjoy going, it has boosted both their confidences and they are both very excited to be participating in the show this year. Angela the lady on the reception desk is brilliant very helpful and Judy who runs the dance school is a lovely lady. BIG 👍 UP FROM US

    Sarah Mumford Avatar Sarah Mumford
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Having danced myself as a child, I was pleased to see my daughter developed a passion from an early age. She joined Mareli with her friends at around 2 years of age. She loves her time at dancing and loves her teachers. It doesn’t stop on a Saturday though, we get treated to little tap & ballet performances at home too 😊😍 I would recommend Mareli as they really nurture the children and have lots of patience with the little ones. My own little one will be starting the diddy dancers class soon!

    Sarah Louisa Avatar Sarah Louisa
    November 21, 2018

    positive review  As a former pupil of Mareli I couldn’t imagine sending my daughters anywhere else. Both have attended since the age of 2, now aged 4 and 7 they have learnt so much and enjoy every lesson. The teachers are professional and have high standards in a warm and friendly environment with a family feel. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

    Laura Arnold Avatar Laura Arnold
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Having known the family since birth my mom started me dancing with Mareli when I was 2/3. I continued to dance till I was 18 then returned as an adult dancer when I bought my daughter to dance when she was 3. My experience with Mareli was like learning a hobby with a family. I progressed in exams and gained confidence taking part in shows. My daughter danced from 3-16 but then college and work commitments took over but she had an amazing time gained life skills and made some long life friends. One day hoping to return. If anyone looking to start dancing I wouldnt choose anywhere else. Friendly family environment who at achieve outstanding results. 5 stars 🌟

    Louanne Massey Avatar Louanne Massey
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Mareli is a great dancing school for all ages, with fab dancing teachers, I used to be a former student myself and also my daughter is a student there aswell. She’s loves it as it allows her to fulfil her passion. I would entirely recommend.

    Tracey Baxhija Avatar Tracey Baxhija
    January 25, 2019

    positive review  From Nancy’s very first day at Mareli’s nearly a year ago, both Nancy and I have been made to feel very welcome. All teachers are truly lovely and are very approachable. Nancy’s confidence has soared! Thank you!

    Kate Mcfarlane Avatar Kate Mcfarlane
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Started learning to dance with Mareli from a very young age and I returned a few years ago to find the same fantastic, supportive family team. If you’re looking for a friendly dance school that will help your child through quality teaching in a nurturing environment then I would thoroughly recommend Mareli. That goes for adults too!

    Nikki Jayne Avatar Nikki Jayne
    January 22, 2019