Dance Classes

We offer lessons in ballet, tap, modern dance, musical theatre, street dance and theatre craft.

We offer classes from 18 months to adults, including beginner classes for children aged 10-16. 

(suitable from 2 years) (adult classes are available in this subject)

Classical ballet uses precise and highly technical movements. Though difficult to master, ballet develops core strength, balance, flexibility and artistry. When a dancer has mastered a sound ballet technique, it will be evident across all the other dance subjects that they engage in. Almost all dancers pursuing a career in any form of dance or Musical Theatre will have trained in ballet.

(suitable from 2 years) (adult classes are available in this subject)

Tap dancing creates a sound similar to a percussive instrument and it is great for perfecting fine motor movements. Many West End Shows are based around this discipline.
Not only does tap improve your rhythm, coordination, artistry and awareness of music, it is also great at enhancing cognitive abilities, both in mental memory and muscle memory.

(suitable from 5 years) (adult classes are available in this subject)

One of the major subjects in the world of dance! Modern Dance borders on contemporary dance with a theatrical approach. Modern dance focuses on core strength, stamina, balance & flexibility. It helps to produce ‘well rounded’ dancers and is present within most West End/Broadway Shows.

(suitable from 5 years) (adult classes are available in this subject)
The relevance and popularity of street dance has gained vast momentum over the past decade.  Street dance is often referred to as urban dance as it evolved outside of dance studios; on the streets, in clubs, in school yards, etc. Street dance is so popular amongst our pupils, yet it can be tricky to successfully capture this style of dance as it relies on a student’s willingness to leave their comfort zone and not be afraid of how they ‘look.’

(suitable from 5 years)

Theatre craft focuses on the dance aspect of Musical Theatre and includes working with props such as hats, chairs and similar objects! As pupils progress in ability heeled shoes are worn called ‘character shoes.’ In professional dance, heeled shoes can sometimes be worn for the entire length of a production. The ability to dance in heels is very important in the professional world – plus it’s fun too!

(suitable from 8 years) (adult classes are available in this subject)

These classes are perfect for those wishing to develop their core strength, technique and flexibility. Non-exam based, these classes really draw the potential out of our our pupils, developing them into talented and technical dancers.