Dance Styles


Ballet is known to be the foundation for most dance styles. Whilst this classical style which is full of grace, fluidity and expressive movement, the core strength and control that underpin this style are advantageous across all other styles of dance. 

Tap Dance Lessons


Tap dancing is so satisfying both physically and emotionally due to the outlet of expression from tap’s characteristic sound. There are rhythms in every angle of life, from the sound of a heartbeat to the sound of indictors in the car! From the first time you put on those shoes and hear those noises, you’ll start to tap into all of the different rhythms of life. With metal taps affixed to both the heel and toe of shoes, the striking of the floor produces a form of percussion. Tap dancing is full of energetic body movements and rapid footwork which improves both balance and coordination.


Theatre craft at Mareli

Theatre Craft

Theatre craft is a diverse, vibrant, fun and enjoyable dance style. Multiple styles exist within this discipline; from West end shows and national dances across the world, to the individual styles of influential dancers/choreographers and perfomers, including Bob Fosse and PT Barnum (the inspiration behind The Greatest Showman!)

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre incorporates both singing, acting and dancing. Classes at Mareli focus heavily on singing technique, utilising methodology and pedagogy founded on ‘up to date vocal research’ and a good insight into ‘how the voice really works.’ The incorporation of dance into this style is reliant on pupils attending dance classes at Mareli, so that their dance skills can be included in the class, as opposed to being taught to dance within the lesson. Musical Theatre dancers are first and foremost actors, who tell a story through song and movement.

Acro Dance Lessons

Acro dance

Acro dance is a style that combines classical techniques with precision acrobatic elements. It’s joyous to watch with athletic character and unique choreography. With the fusion of dance, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics, It is very popular in contemporary circuses such as Cirque du Soleil.

contemporary modern jazz

Contemporary Modern Jazz

Contemporary Modern jazz is a powerful style of dance style that fuses both balletic and jazz styles with cultural dance from across the globe. Rhythmical interpretation is a huge factor. This subject is the perfect choice for those wanting to improve their strength, power and flexibility

Commercial Dance

Commercial dance

Commercial dance lies on the cutting edge of modern-day trends and can be influenced by any dance style across the decades. It can most easily be envisioned as the kind of dancing you see on music videos or even Tiktok. Commercial dance is extremely popular and seems to be the subject that most people want to do. It is our goal to give our pupils the tools to do it well and the ability to be successful in this class really does rely on gaining good technique in core subjects including ballet, modern and tap. Mareli is known for having high standards in this genre, which is thanks to the expert guidance provided by Kathryn Hemingrough; an ex-professional dancer with multiple contracts undertaken on board cruise ships for Costa Cruises across Europe and America. Kate trained at Phil Winston’s TheatreWorks, which placed her in good stead for her long career in dance and her subsequent progression into choreography.

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