Musical Theatre and Choir

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines singing, dancing and acting, with the focus on telling a story through these disciplines. Classes start with vocal technique and include drama games, song, dialogue and movement.

Our musical theatre classes heavily focus on singing technique, utilising methodology and pedagogy founded on ‘up to date vocal research’ and a good insight into ‘how the voice really works.’

Musical Theatre is a tough subject to master. How do you sing and dance at the same time? How do you tell a story through movement? How do you show emotion without it negatively impacting your singing voice?

It’s important for any aspiring musical theatre performer to master proficiency in all disciplines as well as learn how to fuse these three fundamentals together to create an authentic and genuine performance.

Musical Theatre at Mareli

About the teacher – Joanne Cresswell

Musical theatre classes are taught by Joanne Cresswell, who has worked as a professional singer and dancer onboard P&O cruises, for Tony Peers Productions and for well-known choreographer Alan Harding. Joanne trained at Phil Winston’s TheatreWorks and at a later date became a level 2 certified Speech and Level Singing Teacher under the guidance of Seth Riggs,. Following on from this, Joanne became becoming a ‘ViP’ Professional voice coach, progressing to the Operations Manager for ‘Vocology in Practice’ establishment based in Los Angeles. Joanne previously ran her own singing studio called ‘Vocanics.’ In lessons, Joanne helps singers with many technical aspects of the voice; breathiness, over-straining, lack of power and issues with vibrato.

Mareli Show Choir

As part of 50th-year celebration, we are excited to announce the start of a brand new venture; Mareli Show Choir, created with the aim of uniting people through a shared joy of singing, with the hope that choir members will support our forthcoming show (July 2022) by providing some vocal accompaniment on stage!

One of Mareli’s longest-serving pupil, teacher and friend will be running the choir; Sarah Wootton (though you may remember her as Sarah Bakewell!)

The choir will focus on fun, friendship as well as learning as lots of songs from Mareli’s back catalogue of musical performances!

Musical Theatre Mareli School of Dance
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